Insurances and Rental Terms

  1. Drivers’ age: minimum 23 years old.
  2. Drivers’ licence: International or National held for at least one year.
  3. Rental time/kilometers: The reading of kilometers “out” and “in” starts and terminates at our rental station or collection point.
  4. Traffic fines: All traffic fines and expences occurred during the rental period are the renter responsibility.
  5. Taxes: 24% local tax included.
  6. Gasoline: Gasoline level and consumption is payable by the renter.In case of extra gasoline at the time of returning - money cant be returned
  7. Availability: Car models are according to original planning. Delivery problems however may compel us to supply another vehicle as an exceptional cases.
  8. Ferrying the car: Travel of vehicle by ship or boat is prohibited.


  10. Full Insurance: Full collision protection (C.D.W.).
  11. Deposit: A Deposit may be taken before or at «Check out Time» as an agreement of transaction. Considering, Full payment can be given at rental, «Check out Time».
  12. Regarding Full Insurance. Concerning the acceptance of C.D.W.
    The renter is liable for the full repair of the damage, as they have been caused by any violation of the provision of the Greek Driving Code.
  13. Tires, parts and components underneath the car are not covered by C.D.W. insurance.
  14. Road insurance and express Service are included in rental rates.
Rates are subject to alteration without notice.
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